Travis Porter Talks About "College Girl"

Travis Porter Talks About "College Girl"

The rap group explains the meaning behind its new video.

Published April 27, 2011

This week, Travis Porter’s “College Girl” video debuted on the 106 & Park countdown. The song is a tribute to girls who are making their way through college, a refreshing change from the usual misogynistic type of song that glorifies things like strippin'.

In an interview with, the ATL trio (Quez, Ali, Strap) spoke about their video and explained why they chose to go in another direction.

“We had to make a record about it and we just can’t make all records about the stripper, so we had to make something for the college girl, all the college girls on their way to be doctor girls,” said Quez. The  laid-back anthem pays homage to girls who, as Quez puts it, “are doing something with your life.”

And even though the group is celebrating girls who have good heads on their shoulders, they aren’t downplaying women who chose other means of making money. Actually, they say their music can turn college girls into strippers. “I mean their inner strippers, yeah. Every time they hear our songs, we just bring the inner stripper out of them.”



Written by Kim Osorio


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