Freddie Gibbs Calls Out Lil B

Freddie Gibbs Calls Out Lil B

The gangster rapper is the latest person to criticize the Based God.

Published April 28, 2011

They don’t cal him Gangsta Gibbs for nothing. Gary, Indiana, rapper Freddie Gibbs has never been one to bite his tongue. And his comments during a show at Brooklyn’s South Paw were further proof of that.

In between songs at the latest stop on his tour with Mississippi MC/producer Big K.R.I.T., Gibbs expressed his feelings on Bay Area rapper Lil B.

“No f--- s---, this ain’t no Lil B based god or no f----t ass s--- like that up here,” Gibbs told the crowd. “What the f--- you thought this was? N----, this is real rap. Based god get the f--- outta here, n----.”

Lil B, who recently made headlines with the announcement that he’s naming his upcoming album I’m Gay, has been the target of criticism for his bold statement. While B said his decision is an attempt to highlight how trivial words and labels really are, the eccentric hip-hop personality alleges that he’s been the target of death threats.


(Photo:  Corporate Thugz)

Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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