Luke Campbell Responds To Low Fund-Raising Claims

Luke Campbell Responds To Low Fund-Raising Claims

Miami-Dade county's mayoral candidate says he's proud to receive any money, but it was more than $250.

Published April 29, 2011

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Luther "Luke" Campbell is responding to claims that he only raised $250 from a fund-raiser to support his bid for Mayor of Miami-Dade County. In a statement released to the press, the "I Wanna Rock" rapper admitted that he has not received campaign contributions comparable to the average politician, but he is appreciative of the money he's raised.


"I raised close to $2,000 at the fund-raiser in question, which can be checked with the Dade County Elections Bureau, but let’s say I 'only' raised $250 on that day. That means 50 everyday citizens believed enough in me to give me $5 apiece, and I am okay with that. That makes me proud," he said.


Luke spoke about his upbringing in Miami, as well as his fight and subsequent victory for freedom of speech at the Supreme Court level. He went on, in his statement, to advocate for the "people," stating that he does not work for "the man." He said he is in second place tying another candidate, Gimenez. "Sixty-two percent of the folks in Miami are still undecided, and I do plan to win those votes. So you tell me what matters: the people or the money?"

Written by Kim Osorio


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