Joe Budden Blasts Esther Baxter

Joe Budden Blasts Esther Baxter

The outspoken rapper says he broke up with video model because she cheated.

Published May 3, 2011

All is not always fair in love and rap music. Rapper Joe Budden has never been one to hold his tongue--be it on the radio, on Twitter, in a video blog or interview. So why should any of his girlfriends think they'd be an exception to the rule.


The latest victim of the Joe Budden verbal lashing is girlfriend (correction: ex-girlfriend) Esther Baxter. Budden has been dating Baxter for over a year, but recently announced that the two were done. He released a song titled "Ordinary Love Sh*t Part 3,' where he airs out the video model for her alleged scandalous ways.

Joe went off on his Twitter as well, blasting Baxter for cheating on him with an NFL running back Derrick Ward while she was allegedly pregnant. Budden also tweeted a photo of four EPT pregnancy tests, showing positive results. "...when you lose 4 kids in 7 months, I guess sh*t like that doesn't really matter." Baxter defended herself on her own Twitter page, accusing Budden of abusing her and saying he was responsible for a miscarriage.

(Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Written by Kim Osorio


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