Cee-Lo Thanks Firefighters In Song

Cee-Lo Thanks Firefighters In Song

Singer remixes hit with 'Thank You.'

Published May 7, 2011

On the heels of Beyoncé releasing "God Bless The USA" for charity, Cee-Lo has joined the list of artists celebrating America. On Friday (May 6), the Atlanta native dropped a new take on his "F--- You" hit, entitled "Thank You."

"It's a very noble cause, and I connect with it very, very personally because my mother was a fireman as well — one of the first black female firemen in Atlanta, Georgia, so quite a historic accomplishment," Green told MTV News.

On the song, Cee-Lo changes the lyrics from demeaning a nasty ex to appreciating for volunteer firefighters like those who saved lives during 9-11. 

"For a lifetime of service, I wanna thank you for everything you do," sings Cee-Lo, later adding "I admire your quest for fire … "

Cee-Lo is currently serving as a judge on NBC's "The Voice" talent show alongside, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton.  

Written by Hillary Crosley


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