Jennifer Lopez "Lucked Out" With Lady Gaga Tracks

Jennifer Lopez "Lucked Out" With Lady Gaga Tracks

The singer talks about collaborating with Gaga and producer RedOne.

Published May 8, 2011

Jennifer Lopez is known for her energetic dance beats and songs about the many faces of love and for her latest album Love?, the singer enlisted the help of the current diva of pop, Lady Gaga, and producer RedOne, a frequent Gaga collaborator, to add their magic touch to several tracks.


"I think RedOne's sound is very specific, but he also can be very individual for each artist that he works with, which I like, but there's still kind of a commonality in it," Lopez tells MTV. "But it's him. He makes a record sound so big and important.... When he would play me different tracks and even the beginnings of ideas and when he told me, 'Actually I worked with Gaga on this,' and I was like, 'Really? That's awesome. Is it OK?' and he [was] like, 'Yeah, yeah.' You know, they write and produce together a lot. So, it was exciting. I kind of just lucked out on that one."


She went on to explain how Love? has been a long work in progress, gathering thoughts on love and relationships since the singer was a teen. "I've been making this album maybe for a couple years now," she says. "It's been quite a process, but I've been saying lately that I've been actually making this record since I was 13 years old—the first time I fell in love—because it's true, all the thoughts and all the things that went into this album were questions and things that I've had over the years.... Love is a very complex topic and I've been singing about it since my first album, and this was kind of the culmination of that.


"I wanted to pose some questions and get the dialogue going about love," she added. "I wanted to make a great dance, rhythmic album, as well.... and we did that. I had great producers...who helped me do that, helped take me and put it into this generation of music with all of that [and] we still were able to do that."

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Written by Dorkys Ramos


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