Beyoncé Opens Up About Split With Father

Beyoncé Opens Up About Split With Father

The R&B diva explains why it was necessary to take her career into her own hands.

Published May 12, 2011

Beyoncé may not answer to Matthew Knowles as her manager anymore but she’ll always be daddy’s little girl. The international pop star, who parted ways with her father on a business level earlier this year, assures fans that the split was amicable. 


“It’s not that anything bad happened between us,” Bey told Billboard magazine. “My family has my support always, and they support me, but when you’ve been working with the same people for 15 years, it’s natural to eventually have your own ideas. I believe that parents prepare their kids for the moment that they’re on their own: at this point, I’m taking everything my dad and mother have taught me, and I’m able to do things my way. We were at a point where we’d learned so much from each other, and now it’s exciting for me to do this on my own and hire my own team. I’ve started managing myself.” 


As previously reported, her father Matthew Knowles feels similarly. After 20 years at the helm of Beyoncé’s career he shared his feelings on the split with

“Interestingly enough, the transition started way before the official announcement. If you’re strategic, which we are, you don’t make a decision like that before you start dialogue. That dialogue started nine months ago. At the end of the day, I’m Beyoncé’s father first and her manager second. Remember, this is 20 years I’ve been doing this. She’s almost 30 years old, and if she says, ‘I want to run my business,’ I think she’s smart enough that she will get the right team. Beyoncé is smart enough to know what she knows and what she doesn’t know, and that takes an even smarter person to admit that. And she knows she can call me anytime. It takes a lot of hours and a lot of staff to run the business of Beyoncé.” 

Beyoncé, who will be honored with the Billboard Millennium Award at the end of the month, will release her fourth studio LP, titled 4, in June.


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Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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