Lil' Wayne Releases New Video with Rick Ross: "John"

Lil' Wayne Releases New Video with Rick Ross: "John"

It's a manic video that goes as hard as the song.

Published May 13, 2011

Lil' Wayne released his newest video, "John" on his Vevo page today. An unfinished version was leaked onto the internet in April, but the director, Colin Tilley, told MTV the two are like "night and day, just because every single shot in the video has something different."

Tunechi first worked with Tilley on "Look At Me Now" with Chris Brown and Busta. Wayne liked the vibe from that and wanted to carry it over into his next video. You can definitely see the similarities. There's the industrial feel, shaky, anxious camera movements, smoke, sparks, lots of frames and a hyper energy level. Except, that is, for Rick Ross who spends most of the time chilling in a wheelchair with spinning rims. There's no reason for the Rozay handicapped look, says Tilley, that's just what he envisioned for Rick in the video.

Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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