Soulja Boy Could Be Producing Tracks On 50 Cent's Album

Soulja Boy Could Be Producing Tracks On 50 Cent's Album

The young rapper is making beats and says his friend is putting them to use.

Published May 13, 2011

Soulja Boy and 50 Cent have a big brother/little brother type of relationship. The young rapper has said more than once that he looks up to 50, who has given him career advice and been in his corner. The two even appeared on the cover of XXL magazine together. So it's no suprise that 50 Cent would be one of the first artists to try out a Soulja Boy beat.


According to an interview with, Soulja Boy recently submitted some beats to 50 Cent for his next project. "He was asking me for some beats, so I played some beats, gave him some beats. He’s got some tight beats from me too. I left him like five beats in California and he’s been recording on them," SB said.


SB also weighed in on some music he heard from 50. "His album was kinda dope. I ain’t gonna lie to you. That’s my big bro and all that. I got love for him. He’s got some good stuff on there.”

Written by Kim Osorio


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