Canibus Speaks on Slaughterhouse Beef

Canibus Speaks on Slaughterhouse Beef

The lyrical MC says he is not looking for attention.

Published May 16, 2011

If you're looking for a battle between rapper Canibus and members of the Slaughterhouse rap collective, you'll have to keep looking. According to an interview with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio, the rapper is standing down from any lyrical challenge (or perceived lyrical challenge) that he may have received from Royce Da 5'9 and/or Joe Budden.


"I decided to stand down with any campaign against Royce and Joey, and I'ma tell you why," said the lyrical MC. "Earlier today, I saw some s--t that Slaughterhouse had to say about me, and obviously, I'm frustrated with how n**gas talk about respect, and then do a 180 in the same breath."

Canibus seemingly attributes the rift to a backhanded compliment from Royce and Joe.

"Royce said it himself, Joey said it himself, 'Yo, yo, Canibus was so good,' and he was this and he was that and the third...I heard that part. If they'd have said that and left it there, you never woulda heard no response from me," he said.

Though some have accused Canibus, who has been off the rap scene for a while, of trying to capitalize off of Slaughterhouse's buzz, the rhymesayer says that he still wants to see the group win.

"I want to see Slaughterhouse win. And I've proven that, in spite of my response to the flagrant disrespect coming from all sides about my craft and my ability as an emcee. I'm not a hater, and I'm not looking for attention from them or any of their followers."


Written by Kim Osorio


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