Kanye West Spotted Kissing Mystery Woman

Kanye West Spotted Kissing Mystery Woman

The Louis Vuitton Don lets photographers in France catch a peak of his potential new arm candy.

Published May 16, 2011

(Photo:  INFphoto.com)

Amber Rose, eat your heart out. Kanye West introduced a new, yet unknown, woman to the masses over the weekend when he appeared on his hotel balcony in France immersed in a full lip-lock with a new blond. The rapper, who was visiting Cannes, France, for the world-renowed film festival was far from shy as he copped a feel of the woman for all to see.


Several photographs of Kanye and his possible new love interest were taken as the two continued their public display of affection while the balcony door was open. Kanye's last public romantic relationship was with Amber Rose, originally an unknown but now a "socialite" involved with Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa. The new blonde could now be destined for some fame of her own.

Written by Kim Osorio


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