Eminem Talks About Challenges of Acting

Eminem Talks About Challenges of Acting

The Detroit MC admits transition from rapping to acting is not easy.

Published May 18, 2011

Rapping has always come natural to Eminem but the same can't be said for acting. In an interview with MTV's Rapfix Live, Em addressed how difficult the transition from getting behind the mic to getting behind the camera was for him. 


The platinum-selling rapper recalls veteran rapper Ice Cube likening rapping to acting and giving the 8 Mile star a false sense of confidence. 


"I think I heard [Cube] say this one time, that if you can rap and you can perform. Like if you can perform to the camera for singing and things like that and videos, it should be a pretty fairly natural transition… But I would say that it's a whole different world." 


Em explains that 8 Mile showed him how different the two worlds are. "It's a whole different thing because you may be used to performing to the camera and you may be used to doing certain things and videos and things like that but it's a whole different ball game when the music is off and you have lines that you need to say and you have things that you need to remember like the lines and remembering and trying to be natural and 'What am I going to do when I say this line?' and 'How can I?' It's different." 


As previously reported, Eminem recently revealed the album cover for Hell: The Sequel, a collaborative project with Royce Da 5'9"." The project presented by the pair under the group name Bad Meets Evil is set for a June 14 release. 

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Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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