Nelly’s Ex Associate Challenges Rapper to Lie Detector Test

Nelly’s Ex Associate Challenges Rapper to Lie Detector Test

St. Louis promoter Loose Cannon S.L.I.M. offers $100,000 to prove allegations are true.

Published June 1, 2011

In the aftermath of Nelly’s weekend Twitter spat with local St. Louis hip-hop promoter Loose Cannon S.L.I.M. [St.Louis.Is.Mine.], the rapper defended himself against allegations of cocaine and steroids use, as well as financial woes.

“First, if you believe Slim was my manager, then this is pointless anyway. Second, don't nothing go in this body but fish, chicken, turkey, protein, ROZAY, Ciroc, Remy and Budweiser! Third, I know some hoping that foreclosure statement is true, but I'm sorry, 'epic fail!' Anytime anyone in STL wanna match deeds or pinkslips HOLLA! #FACTS,” read a tweet from Nelly.


While the Twitter chatter has cooled between the two, caught up with L.C.S. to get clarification on the allegations he levied toward the multiplatinum-selling rapper. According to S.L.I.M., the war of words began after Nelly publically criticized a celebrity charity basketball game the promoter hosted last week. S.L.I.M.says he tried to keep the discussion between the two private, but Nelly went on a Twitter assault that sparked the feud.

"They acting like I started it, and I’m doing it for publicity, but this n---- is the one doing it for publicity,” S.L.I.M. says. “When is the last time Mediatakeout,, or any of them other sites talked about this n----? I don’t need that n---- for nothing. So for him to act like I’m trippin' off him or need him at the game and he wasn’t invited, that's when he went on his rant as a hater. So that's why I defended myself."


The party promoter who has hosted events with Nelly in the past said the rapper was the one spewing lies on Twitter and he issued a challenge for the “Country Grammar” rapper to take a lie detector test.

"This n---- tried to lie on me and said I was from Atlanta,” S.L.I.M. says. “Then he said I owe him some money. If you all want to know the truth, I have 100K for this n---- to take a lie detector test that I owe him money or that everything I said wasn’t true, except for the $14 part. I don’t know how much he owe [in foreclosure], but he’s f*cked up.”

Ready to let the issue go, S.L.I.M. sasy it was Nelly who continued to flame the fires in the dispute.


"I even backed up off it again, and you notice he came at me again two days later saying, ‘I just did 14 scholarships. This is how you put on for a city @LooseCannonSlim.’ And that’s when I said, ‘Now 48 laws of power—crush your enemies.’ Don’t make me show back-up 'cause I have e-mails and everything."

"Listen. Give that n---- a drug test. Tell him to do some [Manny] Pacquiao sh*t. I got 100 racks, but you got to test him today. Tell him we will put a 100K in an escrow account anything and have that n---- take a lie detector test and ask him did S.L.I.M. lie on you? Or I’ll take it. And if I fail it, I will give him [Nelly] 100K.”


As for the financial woes he says Nelly is experiencing, S.L.I.M. says they may be a result of the rapper’s frequent visits to a local St. Louis casino.


“It ain’t like what I’m saying is a secret, that mother------ out there losing his everything,” S.L.I.M. alleges. “And where he making money at? The last two records sucked.”

Ultimately, S.L.I.M. says despite Nelly’s worldwide fame, the rapper has a history of not showing love to his hometown peers. He believes that’s where the issue between them stems from.

“It’s some crab in the barrel sh--,” he says. “It’s not the first time he’s ever been in this situation. If you do your history on St. Louis, Google it, Nelly vs. Chingy, Nelly vs. Huey, Nelly vs. P-Dub, Nelly vs. Pretty Willie. I had switched over and started rapping and that’s when he started getting threatened because of my reputation at the crib [St. Louis] and his s--- ain’t right. History repeats itself.”


(Photos: SLIM, Kristian Dowling/PictureGroup)

Written by Gyant


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