Tupac and Bruce Lee Unite in Comic

Tupac and Bruce Lee Unite in Comic

The slain emcee fights crime in Comeback Kings.

Published June 1, 2011

Tupac gets another chance to save the world as a superhero in the new comic book Comeback Kings. In it, he joins Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison and Andy Kaufman to form “Project Resurrection,” which is a global crime-fighting unit. Each man has faked his own death, and comes back to stop a crazy Hollywood terrorist.

Written by Matt Sullivan and Gabe Guarente and illustrated by Ethan Young, the comic, which has been described as dark satire, is available now. “The stars we chose are obviously all icons that died too young who could still be alive today—but they also all have an audience that believes (or wants to believe) they faked their own deaths. We thought it’d be interesting to use that folklore as a satirical springboard to comment on both celebrity culture and the superhero genre simultaneously,” Sullivan says. “There’s actually a lot of common ground between the two. Our superstars are all larger than life characters, with both heroic attributes and tragic dimension—just like many comic book heroes. There are similar core issues: Are their talents (and the fame resulting from them) a gift or a curse?”

The second issue will be released in June; each retails for $2.99. Check it out here.

(Photo: Ardden Entertainment)

Written by Kenrya Rankin


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