WorldStarHipHop Celebrates 6th Anniversary

WorldStarHipHop Celebrates 6th Anniversary

The founder of the urban media site discusses the future of the brand.

Published June 1, 2011

Better be careful, streets is watching. Urban media website, known for posting videos of any and everyone caught slipping, celebrated their 6th year anniversary Friday night [May 27] at the infamous King of Diamonds strip club in Miami. 


WorldStar founder Lee "Q" O'Denat, was joined by Young Jeezy as well as Young Money/Cash Money stars Lil Wayne and Drake who flooded the club with over $250K in single dollars to bills. "It was a good feeling to to see KOD transformed into a WorldStar anniversary party," said Q. "Each year it seems like we grow bigger and we get more international as we go. It's the number one hip-hop site and urban site for about two years now." 


It was a fitting tribute for the content aggregating website, which gained the majority of it's notoriety over the last two years for it's shocking user-submitted footage of any and everything from X-Rated music videos and violent street brawls. "It was a risk we took back then," Q says referring to the original idea to showcase outrageous footage. "Not everyone followed our lead but hip hop was known to be risk takers. We say what's bold. We keep it real. We keep it 100. WorldStarHipHop, we definitely keep it 100." 


WorldStar has definitely made it's mark on the hip hop world over the last few years, and not simply for it's unflinching coverage from the underbellies of community's worldwide. The usually not-safe-for-work footage, gets more than two million hits a day, and has sparked much dialogue about the current conditions in Black America. Although a lot of the criticism surrounding WorldStar's content is negative, Q seems unfazed.


"We're just the messenger," he told "People get upset over what we post on the site but they'll sit there and watch it. Everything outside is not picture perfect. It's the good the bad and the ugly. We just want to report what we think is interesting and the views speak for themselves because most of those videos get the most views, the most interesting ones." 


The founder says in the coming years he's looking to expand the brand into films, events, and possibly music. 


"We're looking to keep growing we have the WorldStar Agency which is doing very well as far as booking artists, models and doing event tours. It's definitely growing. It's not just a Website now. A lot of Websites today are thinking about 'wow, it's not just a Website' when you come up with a brand like a Viacom." 


Q also reveals that will undergo a full redesign very soon. 

(Photo: Young Jeezy)

Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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