Chris Brown Writing for Joe Jonas

Chris Brown Writing for Joe Jonas

The R&B star puts his songwriting skills to work for a Jonas brother.

Published June 3, 2011

With a catalog of hits already, Chris Brown has proven his songwriting skill at a young age. Now, the R&B star is moving his career as a songwriter forward by penning hits for some other big artists. CB was recruited to co-write (and even lend a little vocals to) the first single from Joe Jonas's solo debut, See No More.


The collaboration came together organically, when Chris and Joe were "hanging out" and playing music for each other one day. In an interview with E! News, Joe Jonas shared some insight on the record, which he wrote with Chris Brown and songwriter Brian Kennedy.


"The song is about a relationship ending and you’re trying to get over it, but at the same time you’ve got these mixed feelings [and] you’re fighting everything off seeing that person." said Jonas, who says he has always been a fan of Chris Brown.

The pop star, who rose to fame as a member of the Jonas Brothers, added that the song has a "cool beat." 

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Written by Kim Osorio


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