Eve Talks About Her Relationship and Wanting Babies

Eve Talks About Her Relationship and Wanting Babies

The rapper/actress admits that after dating someone for a year, she's ready for marriage.

Published June 6, 2011

Eve has enjoyed a successful career since she burst onto the rap scene back in 1999 as the first lady of the Ruff Ryders. Now almost 10 years later, the multi-talented star is talking about settling down. The 32-year-old female, who's enjoyed platinum albums, her own sitcom and acting roles, admitted that she has been dating someone for a year and is ready to take the next step.


"I'm seeing someone at the moment. I'm not saying [who it is], but it's been a year. It's not a secret. He's not a music celebrity," Eve told BANG Showbiz at the launch party for the Gumball 3000 Rally in London. "I want marriage, I want babies, soon, but later."


Though Eve has yet to come clean on who the special someone in her life is, some media outlets believe she's been dating a British race car driver named Maximillion Cooper, responsible for the Gumball 3000 road rally brand.


Eve is currently working on finishing up her next album, Lip Lock, and returning to the music scene after nine years.


(Photo: Brad Barket/PictureGroup)

Written by Kim Osorio


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