Ja Rule Delays Pain Is Love 2 , Prepares for Prison Life

Ja Rule Delays Pain Is Love 2 , Prepares for Prison Life

The rapper won't deliver the album as promised before he begins two year bid

Published June 6, 2011

Ja Rule is headed to prison on Wednesday to begin a 2-year sentence, but he won't be delivering the going away present he once promised fans. Producer and longtime Ja collaborator 7 Aurelius recently announced that Pain Is Love 2, the sequel to the former Murder Inc. rapper's 2001 triple-platinum release, won't be released the day before he heads of to prison as planned. Aurelius explains that Ja wasn't able to finish the album to his satisfaction by deadline.

“The plan changed mostly because of the level and quality of the records we were making,” he told MIO. “We have exhausted every possible way to have it available on iTunes for pre-order on the 7th."

Aurelius said Fontana Distribution, the company set to release PIL2 needed the completed album 60 days in advance, but Ja wanted to keep working on making improvements.

"If we had stopped in April just to be able to turn it in to Fontana for a June 7 date, PIL2 would not be what it is now," he said. "[It's his] most provocative and his most personal album to date.”

There's no word on when PIL2 will actually be ready for primetime, but the producer said Fontana was willing to put it on a "fast track" in order to get it to fans as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Ja Rule recently spoke to TMZ about what he plans to do to keep busy while behind bars. The rapper said he wants to write a book, get his GED and possibly learn to play an instrument. Recently, Ja said he wanted to go on a world tour that would start the day he gets out of prison.

In December 2010, Ja Rule was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty to gun possession charges. He was arrested in 2007 after a concert in New York.


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Written by Reggie Ugwu


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