50 Cent's Comic Book Cover Hits Web

50 Cent's Comic Book Cover Hits Web

Rapper gets animated biography.

Published June 7, 2011

Forget movies, 50 Cent is taking over comic books. The Queens MC's rags-to-riches story has been chronicled in a new forthcoming Bluewater Productions comic book and the cover just reached the web.

Hitting shelves this July 2011, “Fame: 50 Cent” follows then unknown Curtis James Jackson III as he builds his hip hop persona and climbs up the music charts with tracks like “In Da Club” and “How We Do” featuring The Game. The book also tackles 50's drug-dealing past, public feuds with other rappers along with his lesser known years as a fledging boxer and follows him until his current title of entrepreneur and father.

“50 Cent, no doubt, has enjoyed a colorful, extraordinary and sometimes sordid life,” writer Dan Rafter said in a press release via NahRight. “Despite a broken home life and early run-ins with the law he found his niche. You don’t sell 11 million records if you don’t have some talent and market savvy; he’s got plenty of both.”

“Fame: 50 Cent,” will feature cover art by Joe Phillips, famed DC comic book artist and will retail for $3.99 in July.

(Photo: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)

Written by Hillary Crosley


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