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Meet The Wonder Broz, Nick Cannon's New Group

Meet The Wonder Broz, Nick Cannon's New Group

Gennis and Tool are ready for the Ncredible ride they are about to embark on.

Published June 15, 2011

Nick Cannon is on to something.  The Wonder Broz are the latest act signed to his Ncredible record label, and the two young rappers are bringing a new youthful energy to the game. For Nick, it's not the first time he's taken an interest in a younger rapper. Cannon has been a long time supporter of up-and-coming rapper and Young Money artist Cory Gunz. The actor/rapper/executive who was once a childhood star himself knows this is a young man's game.


13-year old Akoye "Tool' Castle and 14-year old Omari "Gennis" Castle have just released their first video "Chitty Chitty." The feel-good hip hop song has these two brothers showcasing their rhyme skill over a hynoptic dance beat. In an exclusive interview with, the Wonder Broz talked about their style, meeting Cannon, and why they changed their name.


"It’s a lot of different styles [in our music,]" says Gennis. "I can’t really define just one style. We try to multitask all types of music and incorporate all types of sounds." Speaking of the single, Gennis says the group recorded "Chitty Chitty" to get people to dance. "It’s a fun dance track. If you that type of person that could get up and dance, make sure you vote vote vote," he says.


Tool, who has been rapping since he was six years old, is in school trying to balance his studies with the pressures of having a song on 106 & Park. Motivated by their father, the rap duo is following in the footsteps of groups like the New Boyz, also managed by their dad. The California-natives actually met Nick Cannon on the set of America's Got Talent after Cannon heard their music while in the studio with the New Boyz and had them come out to the show to meet him. Cannon signed the group to his Ncredible label and then changed their name, which was originally GT. The Broz trusted his judgment. Gennis explains, "At first, I was like what?! But [the new name] it’s like on some super hero swag. Plus, it goes with the label, Ncredible. I see where he going with it."


Though they refer to the New Boyz as their big brothers, the Wonder Broz have their own identity and style. "We love wearing tank tops wth the cargo shorts, that little beachy look," Tool says. "We try to be on like grown man swag. Our dad tells us to be above. Don’t be playing with the little brothers. Look beyond."

(Photo: Ncredible Records)

Written by Kim Osorio


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