Curren$y's Newest Mixtape Bundle is Already Sold Out

Curren$y's Newest Mixtape Bundle is Already Sold Out

And what's a mixtape bundle anyway? Find out and you'll know why he's such a genius.

Published June 25, 2011

Curren$y hasn't released an official album yet, but he's amassed a following comparable to that of, say, Soulja Boy. According to, when Curren$y's mixtape "Pilot Talk II" dropped it's first week sales (18,500) put Soulja Boy's "The DeAndre Way LP" (13,400) sales to shame. And this was without the backing of a major label.

Now he's signed to Warner Bros. Records and his newest "commercial mixtape" "Weekend at Burnies" is available as a preorder bundle on his website. What exactly does his mixtape bundle offer? The music of course and a "Burnies" herb grinder. This man obviously knows his audience, which is why the bundle is totally sold out. 

Earlier this year the New Orleans rapper collaborated with the Alchemist on "Covert Coup" which was free with the purchase of two limited-edition t-shirts that were designed by the artists themselves.

And he never stops. "Weekend at Burnies" drops on June 28, he has a Gangster Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama and his official debut album produced by the Neptunes, both set to drop later this year. We're glad the music keeps coming and hopefully he'll be able to keep up this pace.

Written by Laura Hagans Smith


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