Tyler, the Creator, Foresees Dying at 40

Tyler, the Creator, Foresees Dying at 40

Odd Future front man has grim outlook on life.

Published June 29, 2011

Tyler, the Creator, may be one of hip hop's rising stars, but the 20-year-old Odd Future front man doesn't exactly think he has a bright future ahead. In fact, to hear him tell it, he doesn't have much of a future at all.


In an interview with the British music magazine Q, Tyler says he doesn't think he'll make it to his 40th birthday.

"I'll be dead [by the time I'm 40]," he said. "Either an obsessed fan or a heroin overdose. I'll probably get into that at 24."

Beyond his bleak outlook on the future, Tyler also discussed another recent controversial statement, in which he said the Columbine High School shooters were probably "really cool people."

"I was just saying they could have been really nice people, probably could have taken them to a game. I wasn't saying what they did was right," he clarified.


(Photo: Matthew Reamer / Retna)

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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