Michael Rapaport Responds to Q-Tip Comments

Michael Rapaport Responds to Q-Tip Comments

The war of words between the film director and rapper continues.

Published June 30, 2011

When it comes to the highly public fallout between Q-Tip and actor-turned-documentarian Michael Rapaport, the saga never ends. Responding to comments that Q-Tip made on the online MTV hip hop show RapFix in March, Rapaport appeared on the show yesterday (June 29) to offer his perspective.

In light of his own dissatisfaction with the production of the A Tribe Called Quest documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life, which Rapaport directed, Q-Tip had advised other hip hop luminaries to take charge when it came time to tell their own stories.

"We can let everybody come in and participate with us in this, but don't fall for the Hollywood," he said.

Reacting to those statements, Rapaport expressed confusion about what Q-Tip was trying to say.

"I don't understand what he was talking about ... telling their own stories. I don't know if it was like, hip hop artists should direct movies about hip hop artists. Or maybe he was saying, 'I should direct a documentary about myself,'" Rapaport said. "[I don't know] if it was a racial thing like, 'We're black and shouldn't have a white director.' It was confusing to me," he concluded.

Rapaport said it had been a long time since he communicated with Q-Tip personally. The director said the last email he got from the ATCQ frontman was racially charged.

"Last time I heard from Q-Tip he sent me an email and he said, 'All you gotta do is stay white and be privileged,'" he revealed.

Fellow Tribe member Phife Dawg, who has supported the controversial documentary, appeared alongside Rapaport to promote the film at multiple press events. Even Q-Tip, despite his grievances with the process, encouraged fans to see the final product.

"He really did a great job and I commend him, still. He really did an amazing job so I don't want to deter anyone from seeing it," he said of the documentary.

Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest opens in New York and Los Angeles on July 8.

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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