Trina Performs At Missy's Surprise Birthday Party

Trina Performs At Missy's Surprise Birthday Party

The Diamond Princess gets her freak on for her close friend's birthday bash.

Published June 30, 2011

Rapper Trina made a rare appearance at a local club in Miami yesterday (June 29) when she came out to celebrate her good friend's birthday. At a surprise party, held at Santo in Hallandale Beach, Florida for Missy Elliott's 40th birthday celebration, the Diamond Princess took the stage for a tribute to Missy, who was seated in the VIP section with producer Timbaland soaking in all the b-day love.


As the third female performer to get on stage, Trina excitedly delivered her own rendition of Missy's "Get Your Freak On," while the crowd went wild. Although Trina was the headliner, other local female artists also got on stage to perform songs by Missy. Another popular local Southern artist, Picalo, opened the show.


Despite the abundance of female rapper beefs, Trina and Missy have remained good friends throughout both of their careers. The two artists have collaborated more than once.


Missy's surprise party in Miami followed a good day for the female rap star. Earlier in the evening, VH1 aired Missy's Behind The Music, which she tweeted about. "Thank y'all for the Love! I can't see everyone tweets but I hope yall enjoy Behind The Music! I been thru a lot I made it thru!" Missy wrote.


All the positive vibes come just days after the rapper addressed reports that she was battling Graves' disease.

(Photo: Kim Osorio)

Written by Kim Osorio


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