Dame Dash Talks Reasonable Doubt on 15th Anniversary

Dame Dash Talks Reasonable Doubt on 15th Anniversary

The co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records shares his thoughts on Jay-Z's classic debut.

Published July 8, 2011

VH1's Album-Versaries series kicks off this month with an in-depth look at the making of Jay-Z's classic debut album Reasonable Doubt (1996).

Former close friend and business partner Damon Dash sat down with VH1 to share his perspective on the album, which just celebrated its fifteenth anniversary this year. "Because we believed in it so much, you couldn't even tell me that it wasn't going to be the best album that was ever made," said Dame. "And it's funny because it became that."

Although Dash and Jigga don't really see eye-to-eye nowadays, Dash wasn't hesitant to express how much faith he had in Jay-Z early on. "I said he will be the greatest rapper of all-time at a time when everyone told me he was the worst rapper," he said. "You understand? I had been shopping him, and everyone told me, 'He raps too fast.'"

Damon Dash will discuss the overall impact of the album in part two of VH1 Album-versaries: Reasonable Doubt, which runs tomorrow at VH1.com.

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Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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