Missy Elliott's New Album "On Some Next Level Craziness"

Missy Elliott's New Album "On Some Next Level Craziness"

A source tells BET.com the femcee is poised to make a huge comeback with "Block Party."

Published July 12, 2011

Missy Elliott is ready to get back in the game. The femcee, who hasn’t put out an album in six years, is putting the finishing touches on her upcoming Block Party album, and a source tells BET.com that the album will be “like she never left."


Timbaland is producing all of it, and it’s on some next level craziness,” says the source.  Block Party is tentatively scheduled for a fourth quarter release, though it has been pushed back a couple times.


In an exclusive interview with BET.com, Timbaland spoke about working with Missy on her project. “This is the first time me and Missy both doing an album at the same time,” Tim said. “There’s nothing  like doing it with my sister. We’re comparing notes.”


Missy has stated in previous interviews that there’s a chemistry between she and Tim “that will never leave.” According to the source, Missy is poised to make a serious comeback. “From the sounds of the album, Nicki Minaj is gonna wish she had Timbaland making her records."


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Written by Kim Osorio


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