Game Says "Uncle Otis" Not A Jay-Z Diss

Game Says "Uncle Otis" Not A Jay-Z Diss

The rapper denies taking shots at Hov.

Published July 24, 2011

After leaking a track entitled "Uncle Otis," where rapper Game seemingly dissed Jay-Z for his performance on the recently released "Otis" from his Watch The Throne collaboration with Kanye West, the Compton MC claims that the song wasn't directed at Jay.


In an interview with, Game talked about the song and said he was "just shooting in the dark." He explained, "It’s poking jokes and taking shots, but that’s what I do." He continued to deny the song was a diss, but opened up the door for a response. "Anybody that takes it personal, they really shouldn’t but if you do, we can go there," he said.


On the song, Game spits, "N****s think they the coldest, but they just the oldest/N****s be chasing they youth, but it's gone/Yo, ‘Ye this nigga didn’t even want to put you on.” Judging from the lyrics, the song seems to contradict what Game told XXL. Oh yeah, and let's not forget the actual name of the song.

Written by Kim Osorio


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