J.Cole Talks Jay-Z Duet for Debut LP

J.Cole Talks Jay-Z Duet for Debut LP

The freshmen may have a hit for Hov.

Published July 25, 2011

J.Cole seems closer to releasing his debut album by clenching that elusive component - a collaboration with Jay-Z. 

The North Carolina MC told MTV News that he almost discarded the track which he now believes is perfect for his mentor and Roc Nation label head.

"I actually did the song thinking I would just throw it out when I made it," Cole said of the track. "I made it in my crib and I was like, 'Man I'm gonna throw something out today, or tomorrow whatever, let me do a song.' Then I started making it, and as soon as I made it, I was like, 'Oh nah, nah.' "

The song struck a cord in the MC who was initially going to release the track as a free download. 

"I had already wrote the verses and I realized, 'Man, this is for Jay.' I finally made a song that was perfect for Jay," he said. "When people hear the hook, it's kind of like a message — I could be talking to a woman, to my girl, or to my fans or to friends, but it's really a subliminal message to my fans in that hook."

Cole's as-yet-untitled LP is slated to hit shelves on September 27. 

(Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Written by Hillary Crosley


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