More Details Revealed in Amy Winehouse Death

More Details Revealed in Amy Winehouse Death

A rep for the singer says she died in her bed.

Published July 25, 2011

As the music community continues to look for answers in the death of singer Amy Winehouse, a rep for the singer reveals new details. TMZ is reporting that Winehouse was discovered in her bed by a bodyguard that had been assigned to look after her.


"She was in her bedroom after saying she wanted to sleep and when he went to wake her he found she wasn't breathing," says Chris Goodman, identified as both a rep and a friend of Winehouse's. Goodman also notes that the guard, who has not been named, called emergency services "straight away." Says Goodman, "He was very shocked. At this stage no one knows how she died. She died alone in bed."


The 27-year old singer was found dead in her apartment early Saturday morning (July 23). The cause of death is still unknown. An autopsy is expected to be performed today (July 25).


In the days leading up to her death, friends say the troubled singer, who has had a long battle with drug abuse and alcoholism, was working towards cleaning up her act.

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Written by Kim Osorio


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