Rhymefest Defends Kanye

Rhymefest Defends Kanye

The longtime Kanye West affilliate defends him from Consequence's accusations.

Published July 30, 2011

The Consequence–G.O.O.D. Music feud keeps burning up broadband.

Yesterday, Queens MC Consequence, a former signee to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label, took to the airwaves on Chicago radio station WGCI to continue his “Campaign of Terror” against Kanye and Pusha T. And now, outspoken Chi-town rapper Rhymefest, a long-time Kanye West collaborator, is stepping into the fray as well.


Consequence, who left G.O.O.D. Music in April, has accused ‘Ye of plagiarism and exploitation and blamed him for stalling his career. Then Pusha, currently signed to G.O.O.D. Music, fired back in recent radio interviews. Cons told his side of the story yesterday on Chicago’s WGCI, premiering a diss track, “Everybody Told Me to Straighten It Out.” and inferring that he was the only one of Kanye’s “brothers,” including Rhymefest, who was stepping up to take him to task for his alleged misdeeds. Afterwards, ‘Fest took to his Twitter page earlier this morning, defending Kanye in a series of messages:


KANYE and I been speaking lately. It’s interesting I see people who think he owes them stuff. I never understood letting another human have control over your success or failure in life. My brotherhood with Ye is based in the fact I don’t beg or expect more than his friendship good convo and the exchange of ideas. We bounce rhymes and music off each other and debate the world and its peace…


But as far as Kanye and his real homies notice that none of the guys he started with from Chicago talk shit about him. None of us. Chicago cats understand playing your position and organizational structure. We know that every man is responsible for his/her actions.


Shortly after, responding to another Twitter user’s message that defended Consequence's allegations, Rhymefest wrote, “Fam had his chances, went around did and seen things most humans will never experience. When does business start and BS end?”


He also retweeted a message from New York rapper Saigon, who joked, “That n---- Yeezy owe me Sun..I let him borrow some corduroys in 2001 fam. Never returned my s---s...I'm bout to go in fam.”


Stay tuned: With all these underappreciated rappers getting blog buzz off of the controversy, it’s a safe bet that more shots will be fired, from one direction or another.

Written by Alex Gale


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