Akon Challenges Lupe Fiasco's View of Obama

Akon Challenges Lupe Fiasco's View of Obama

The hip hop singer says outspoken rapper needs a new perspective on president.

Published August 2, 2011

Akon came to the defense of President Barack Obama after hearing the comments that Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco made against the commander in chief.

As previously reported, Fiasco appeared on an episode of Fox News Channel's The Bill O'Reilly Show to defend a statement he made to another journalist that Obama is "the biggest terrorist."

In an interview with Vlad TV, Akon chimed in belatedly on the argument saying "the Republicans are trying to stop him from doing it… he's trying to pass all these bills, and they're not allowing him to do it. In Obama's defense, he's trying to do more here at home."

Akon also explained that Fiasco might need to broaden his perspective and look at the things that the president has accomplished for the country abroad.

"I travel internationally, so I see what Obama is doing for the U.S." explained Akon. "He's actually changed the whole image of the United States completely. We was looked at as enemies at one point. When I went to third world countries and Middle Eastern countries, I used to wonder, 'Should I use my American passport or should I use my Senegalese passport?' That's how crazy it was at one point when [George W.] Bush was in power. But now we're being welcomed around the world because of the political decisions that Obama made."

Lupe has yet to respond publicly. 


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Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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