Diddy's Entourage Prevented From Bringing Ciroc Into France

Diddy's Entourage Prevented From Bringing Ciroc Into France

French airport security confiscates caseloads of mogul’s vodka.

Published August 2, 2011

In today's world of heightened security, a lot of things can get you stopped at an airport: a bottle of lotion, a fingernail clipper. Even too much ultra-premium vodka.

That's what security at France's Cote D'azur airport told members of Diddy's entourage, who were stopped late last week while trying to bring in several caseloads of Ciroc vodka through customs, according to The New York Post. The international playboy needed the large supply of liquor for a series of parties he's throwing along the French Riviera.

In France, travelers are generally only allowed to bring one liter of spirits per person, but Ciroc comes in either 750 ml or 1.75 liter bottles. Diddy's assistants were reportedly forced to leave multiple cases with security.

Ciroc has a $100 million sponsorship deal with the music mogul, who frequently insists that whatever club he attends be stocked with the stuff. In St. Tropez, Diddy's party destination of choice, supplies of the premium vodka are typically low. Kind of makes sense that Diddy's crew would try to take that, take that, large supply in.

(Photo: Annette Brown/Getty Images)

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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