Nas Hosts Twitter Q&A

Nas Hosts Twitter Q&A

The Queensboro emcee answers fans' questions.

Published August 3, 2011

Nas made fans’ day earlier when he jumped on Twitter for an impromptu question and answer session. He opened the floor with a simple tweet: “Gonna answer a few questions.... #AskNas.” And so he did. Here are a few of the most interesting exchanges:

Q: favorite Biggie line?
A: "See me in the streets your jewelry u can keep it, that'll be our little secret"

Q: Would you ever get married again?
A: I think so, who knows. Live life right!?!

Q: 5 Joints That Made u Wanna Punch A Hole In The Wall Cause u Wish It Was ur Song 1st (2nd Childhod is mines fyi) [from @questlove]
A: Hail Mary! One More Chance remix biggie! I'm Single lil wayne!

Q: Who the better rapper Kim or Nicki
A: Comparin them doesn't make sense. Kim shit is straight legendary n historic n amazing. Nikki is the new queen of the world.

Q: What's your favorite Jay-Z album?..hahhahahahahahah
A: I like his black album

Q: Who's your favorite female MC's?
A: Roxanne shante. I remember her when I was a kid. She was a ghetto kid star queen. Also Latifah! Lyte was so hard. Salt n Pepa, Incredible! Can't forget Foxy Brown n Kim all day. Shout out yo Nicki! Oh yea... No one touches LAURYN HILL!!! Check us out at Rock the Bells!!

Q: What's your thoughts on where Hip Hop is headed?
A: Hip Hop is headed to ultimate supreme flyness!! U have to continue to love it n keep breathing life into it. All of it.... All artists should keep pushin out they material no matter what!

Q: did you and Amy Winehouse have a love affair? You can inbox if you like, cause I'm not into gossip.
A: Amy was my sister. Genuine person who spoke her mind & didn't give a F--k! We shared the same bday! We was planning a party this Sept 14th! I gotta celebrate for her!

(Photo: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/Landov)

Written by Kenrya Rankin


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