Justin Bieber Infiltrates Hip-Hop

Justin Bieber Infiltrates Hip-Hop

The pop icon brings back his alter-ego, Shawty Mane.

Published August 6, 2011

Don't let the squeaky clean image fool you--Justin Bieber can flow. The teen pop sensation, known more for his radio friendly hits than his mic skills, is dusting off his hip-hop alter-ego "Shawty Mane" for a slew of new projects.

First, there's a guest rap on Chris Brown's "Ladies Love Me," a remix of his hit "Look at Me Now" which surfaced this week. Then the announcement that he will also be providing guest vocals (and we don't mean a high-pitched hook) on an upcoming Asher Roth track. Last Fall, Bieber rapped over Cam’ron and Vado’s track, “Speaking in Tongues” as Shawty Mane (earning surprisingly good reviews from the hip-hop community) and covered Busta Rhymes' verse from “Look At Me Now” onstage with Breezy.

But Beliebers don't need to get their tidy whities in a twist--Justin has made it clear that Shawty Mane is just an amusing distraction for him. “I just do it for fun, but nothing serious,” he told XXL. “I don’t think people would take me seriously if I came out with, like, a rap album.”

Famous last words?

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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