DJ Premier Recalls His First Job

DJ Premier Recalls His First Job

The legendary producer once worked at Kroger.

Published August 6, 2011

Before he was making millions as one of the foremost beat architects in hip hop, DJ Premier worked a slew of minimum-wage jobs, like most of America's youth. The legendary producer, who has been instrumental in the careers of Jay-Z, Nas and dozens of others, reminisced about his first few jobs as a teenager in an interview with Montreality.

"At 14, I worked at a store in Texas called Kroger. It's a supermarket. I used to drive a forklift... I started off bagging groceries. I was so fast at that; they needed help back where the trucks unload all the new produce that comes in. So they asked me if I knew how to drive a forklift. I said 'no,' they said, 'Do you want to learn?' I said 'yes' because I wanted to drive it.'"

"I worked there 'till I was 16, then I started working at Sonic Hamburgers, eatin' everything. I got so fat, eatin' every chicken sandwich. If they ordered a chicken sandwich, I made two. One for the customer, and one I'd eat."

But the job that helped Premier go from slinging burgers to crafting beats for hip-hop juggernauts was a gig at a record store. "You really had to know your music to get a job there. You couldn't just know a little bit—you had to know a lotta bit."


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