Vanilla Ice: My Success Helped Fund Death Row

Vanilla Ice: My Success Helped Fund Death Row

The one-time rap sensation takes credit for Dr. Dre, Tupac and Snoop Dogg.

Published August 7, 2011

Vanilla Ice may have been left in the dust by his peers in the rap game, but that's not stopping him from taking credit for their illustrious careers. “From the money that Suge [Knight] got from To the Extreme from me, he started Dr. Dre,” Vanilla Ice explained to Interview magazine. “The Chronic record came from the funding from my record; Tupac came from the funding of my record; Snoop Dogg came from the funding from my record.”

However, Ice claims one of the most notorious incidents involving his name--when he was allegedly dangled outside a balcony by former Death Row CEO Suge Knight--was a fabrication. “That’s a lie. I read the story, and I heard it, and I had to defend it nine million times, but he never took me to the balcony, threatened to hang me over, or anything,” he clarifies.

These days, Ice seems to be trying to move past his "Ice, Ice Baby" days with a slew of television and film projects, and a new album entitled WTF, due out in the next few months.

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