Mos Def Debuts A New Black Star Song

Mos Def Debuts A New Black Star Song

Is there hope for a real reunion?

Published August 8, 2011

Is Black Star finally heading toward a reunion? Fans have long prayed that the duo, comprised of Mos Def and Talib Kweli, would make another LP and a new untitled track has reignited that hope. 

On Monday (August 8), Mos Def released an untitled Madlib-produced snippet on his Facebook page.

"Fly when I'm dreaming and fly in real life/ Eyes open bright show you what it feel like," Mos Def raps on the track, layered with a strong trumpet section. "Soul glow even when light is absent/ Sho' nuff." 

Fans were so excited that the track has racked up over one hundred comments on Mos' Facebook page. 

"Word up son, that's what I'm talking about and it's all good," fan Lenon Mnyulwa wrote on the MC's page. "Keep it historical and timeless."

"Could you release this on iTunes so I can buy and listen more? another fan Mim Hosking asked. 

There was no official word on whether this track is part of a larger project at press time. 

Written by Hillary Crosley


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