Kelly Rowland Admits Nip-Slip Was "Embarrassing"

Kelly Rowland Admits Nip-Slip Was "Embarrassing"

The singer talks to a TMZ cameraman about her recent wardrobe malfunction.

PUBLISHED ON : AUGUST 10, 2011 / 03:29 PM

Kelly Rowland has something in common with Nicki Minaj and Janet Jackson, but she doesn't want to talk about it. The Destiny's Child singer admitted that this weekend's nip-slip was "very embarrassing."


During an interview with a TMZ cameraman, Kelly threw her hands in her face and shouted "Oh, god," when asked about her wardrobe malfunction. Rowland unintentionally revealed two nipples at a concert in West Orange, New Jersey, on Sunday when her already-short top rode up on her while performing.


"You can't feel that," Kelly said. "Your adrenaline's going and...." Kelly stopped herself in mid-sentence after a plea to the interviewer. "Please don't discuss that," she said.


Despite being asked, Kelly was in good spirits and continued to answer questions about the first concert she'd ever been to (Janet Jackson), and her musical influences (Janet and Whitney).

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Written by Kim Osorio


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