Game: I'm Not the Best Rapper

Game: I'm Not the Best Rapper

Chuck Taylor credits Nas with making him humble.

Published August 13, 2011

Humility? Not something you see everyday in the hip-hop game. But Compton, California-born rapper Game tried it on for size during an interview with Sirius XM radio, when he admitted he doesn't consider himself the best rapper alive.

"I’m not [the best]. I stopped wishing to be the best, I stopped trying to be the best, because the best is what you make it," he said. "I had a conversation with Nas maybe six months ago, and he used to tell me that after Illmatic, people was calling him the illest. After that, after Illmatic dropped, he just wanted to be the King of Hip Hop, he wanted to be number one. But as he got older and got closer to 30, he realized he didn’t want to be the best no more. He just was comfortable in his own skin and just doing him. Hip Hop was changing and he didn’t per se like the way it was going. So he could have changed and went with it, or he could have just did him and he chose to do him."

Game went on to explain that he believes his record speaks for itself and that he's done trying to reign supreme over his peers. "I felt the same way he did and I shared those sentiments. I don’t want to be the best, I’m cool with being me. I got three platinum albums, all number one in the week they dropped, they debuted. This one’s going to be number one, I guarantee it, the week that it drops. Right now, I’m just working on my legacy. I don’t want to be number one. Everybody else can have that."

As it turns out there are probably not too many people who consider Game the best rapper alive, so taking himself out of the race will probably only affect him, for now.

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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