Nicki Minaj Gives Drake a Lap Dance

Nicki Minaj Gives Drake a Lap Dance

Drizzy makes Nicki's heart go "boom" onstage in Toronto.

Published August 15, 2011

Drake and Nicki Minaj are at it again.


For more than a year now, they’ve teased and tantalized fans, bloggers and gossip hounds everywhere with the possibility that the two are more than just labelmates and friends. This past weekend they rekindled the rumors when Nicki gave Drake an up-close-and-personal lap dance onstage at a concert in his Toronto hometown.


Nicki had previously made lap dances a part of her energetic stage show, but she'd vowed to kick them to the curb after her star turn on Lil Wayne’s I Am Music II tour. Well, it looks like she broke out the old bag of tricks one more time just for Drizzy. Last Saturday night, on the T.O. stop of Britney Spears's and Nicki’s Femme Fatale tour, Nicki called her Young Money comrade up on stage and straddled him to the sounds of her hit single "Super Bass." The two even appeared to share a kiss — much to the delight of screaming audience members — though Nicki denied this afterwards via Twitter, writing, "NO. We did NOT kiss." Drake was also on hand to rock "Moment 4 Life," his hit duet with Nicki. Click here for a video of the lap dance and the performance via


The lap dance comes after months of both Nicki and Drizzy hinting at a possible fling, or in the least, a crush. They've kissed — or appeared to kiss — twice before. Last year they shared a kiss onstage at Hot 97’s Thanksgiving Thank You Concert, though Drake's hoody concealed their faces. And in the "Moment 4 Life" video, the two get married onscreen and appear to lock lips again — but again, the camera angle makes it hard to tell. And on Drake's "Miss Me," he raps, "I love Nicki Minaj, I told her I'd admit it/I hope one day we get married just to say we f***in' did it/And girl, I'm f***in' serious /I’m with it if you with it.” There have also been countless coy, flirtatious exchanges on Twitter and in interviews. (Check this slideshow for other flirty moments between the two.)


What do you think? Is Drake the Ken to Nicki's Harajuku Barbie? Or are they just messing with us for kicks — and publicity? Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Alex Gale


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