J. Cole Shares Sideline Story in Private NYC Listening Session

J. Cole Shares Sideline Story in Private NYC Listening Session

J plays his highly anticipated album for industry tastemakers.

Published August 18, 2011

(Photo: Roc Nation)

BET Music Matters artist J. Cole is gearing up to go on a major tour to promote his debut album Cole World: A Sideline Story, and before hitting the road he decided to invite a limited amount of media to Roc the Mic studios in NYC to listen to some tracks.

Starting the session off explaining the metaphoric album title that he is on the bench of the basketball team and Jay-Z is the coach and he's just waiting for that moment when the coach will let the player in the game. He also warned that this was not the official track list, some songs weren't finished, and song titles aren't concrete so to keep the information to ourselves and just enjoy the music.

Surprisingly Cole produced the majority of the album. Whether or not this was a good idea is to be determined. Kanye West did it with his debut album The College Dropout but he was already a seasoned producer.The tracks produced definitely proves that Cole is on his way to being a double threat in that regard.

The album is very consistent with his mixtape offerings and even features Internet favorites "Lights Please" and "In The Morning" featuring Drake. The other features include Trey Songz on the next single "Can't Get Enough" and a singer, songwriter, producer, rapper on a track that is reminiscent of that hip hop soul sound from the 90s. Jermaine swore everyone in the room to secrecy not to reveal who the artist is and rightfully so since the track wasn't finished. Despite that, it's one of the best songs on the album and offers a sound from J. Cole we haven't heard before. You will be pleasantly surprised when it becomes public information.

The album also included two tracks reminiscent of passionate cuts from Tupac Shakur, one joint for the ladies, another comparing life to quicksand (which Cole proclaimed as his favorite), and of course a couple songs for the haters.

The last track he played for us had an empty third verse. This is the infamous song that he is hoping will be blessed by a Jay-Z verse.

Will Cole World: The Sideline Story finally shut the mouths of haters? We'll have to wait until it drops on September 27th to find out.

Stay tuned to BET.com for more on this highly anticipated debut project.

Written by Eb the Celeb


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