Lil B Responds to Game's Diss

Lil B Responds to Game's Diss

The "Based God" dubs the Compton MC "irrelevant."

Published August 20, 2011

After Game dubbed him "the wackest rapper of all time," Lil B has responded with some smack talk of his own.

Earlier this week, according to HipHopDX, the paps caught up to the up-and-coming Bay Area rapper as he left a club in Los Angeles. When someone asked the so-called "Based God" what he thought about Game's comment, he started out humble: "Game’s talking about me right now, and I respect Game. I got Live From Compton 1 and 2, so Game already know he’s a legend in my book." But then, with a sarcastic, dismissive tone in his voice, he added: "But he’s irrelevant. Based God!"

The jab is a response to an interview in which Game listed the five worst MCs. "The wackest rapper: Lil B. He's got to get it," the controversial Compton MC told DJ Vlad. "I heard him on [Lil] Wayne's [mixtape] Sorry 4 the Wait and that was it. That was it. I couldn't—that was it... I never really heard anything else that I can even remember to call [him] wack but I remember I heard that, and that's what it was."

Game also included Lil Zane, Vanilla Ice, Memphis Bleek and real-life nemesis Ras Kass, with whom he has repeatedly scuffled through the years, on the list.

If history is any guide, Game is sure to respond to Lil B's harsh words, so stay tuned.

Written by Alex Gale


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