Amy Winehouse's Dad Returns Donations to Fledgling Foundation

Amy Winehouse's Dad Returns Donations to Fledgling Foundation

A website mix up is causing a delay in start of charitable cause.

Published August 23, 2011

Mitch Winehouse, father of the late soul singer Amy Winehouse, is returning donations he has received since announcing a new charity foundation in her honor. Details behind the move are unclear, although Winehouse is publicly blaming the loss of a domain name he had planned to use as the reason for the delay of the project. and similar domains are currently unavailable.

"Somebody else pinched it off of us before we could get it registered, "Winehouse said. "All these donations which are coming in—we don't know what to do with them at the moment."

Winehouse must decide on a name for the foundation before he can set up its bank account, but it's not clear why the organization's name and the Web domain would have to be an exact match.

Donations to the foundation, which does not yet have a mission statement, were to go to charities that Amy believed in, according to Mitch. Tony Bennett, who recorded a duet called "Body & Soul" with the singer before her passing on July 23rd, has announced his plans to donate royalties from the song to the as-yet-unnamed foundation.

Details of the toxicology report in Amy Winehouse's death were revealed today, and illegal drugs reportedly did not play a role in her passing. On September 14, the beloved singer would have turned 28.

(Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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