50 Cent Says Next Album Could Be His Last With Interscope

50 Cent Says Next Album Could Be His Last With Interscope

The rap kingpin discusses issues with label.

Published August 24, 2011

50 Cent will soon be a free agent. The G-Unit general has confirmed that his forthcoming LP, formerly known as Black Magic, will be his last under his current contract with Interscope Records.

"It’s actually my final requirement. My fifth album and the final requirement for Interscope," Fifty told MTV.co.uk of the record. Fifty said his journey with the label hasn't always been a smooth one.

"I had some difficulties with the actual system. There are people there that are afraid to lose their job; they’ve seen other people get fired. I think they’re afraid to make some decisions that need to be made right away, they just sit and look," he said.

Previously, Fif had threatened to cancel the album after the first single "I'm on It," was leaked. The combative emcee blamed Interscope for mishandling the ,project, but he's since been able to put things in perspective.

"It doesn’t actually mean that I don’t like the company because all the success I’ve had in my career has been with Interscope records. It’s just a frustration at different points like I had a song just go out and it was in their position, they were moving around to actually make the music video for it and then they go ‘ok, I don’t want that song no more’ because it’s been presented in the wrong way to the public," he said.

The rapper, actor and entrepreneur took a realist attitude to his ongoing issues with the label.

"I have issues with the actual company but any artist that doesn’t have issues with the company, they’re probably on one album and haven’t released a record."

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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