Foxy Brown Had Album in the Works with Mary J. Blige

Foxy Brown Had Album in the Works with Mary J. Blige

Fox Boogie says project was on track until she lost her hearing.

Published August 26, 2011

(Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

On stage at a recent concert in Jersey, Foxy Brown revealed a bit of trivia for hip hop fans: the Brooklyn rapper and Mary J. Blige once recorded five songs for a joint album to be called The Best of Both Girls.

Foxy said the impetus for the project was the similarly–titled collaboration album Best of Both Worlds from R. Kelly and her former ally Jay-Z.

“People don’t know, me and Mary J. Blige recorded five records for an album called The Best of Both Girls, like Jay and R. Kelly did The Best of Both Worlds,” she said. “Mary’s like a big sister to me. And in the middle of recording those records, I lost all my hearing.”

Brown said her catastrophic temporary hearing loss also prevented her from collaborating with The Queen of Hip Hop Soul on her single "Enough Cryin'." To fill in, Mary J rapped Foxy's part under the alias "Brook-Lynn."

“So when you hear Mary in the video like, ‘You turned your back and back I came running / But the simple fact is that you ain't want me,’ that was me. And Mary had enough respect to say, ‘Listen, before I go get another rap bitch to do your part, I’ma call myself Brook-Lyn[n] and I’ma learn ya part and I’ma go in and rap it for you,’” Foxy said.

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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