Lawsuit Against Johnny Gill Dropped

Lawsuit Against Johnny Gill Dropped

Singer reconciles with label exec who sued him.

Published August 26, 2011

Johnny Gill and the exec at his label Ira DeWitt, who filed suit against him for making defamatory statements about her on Twitter, have apparently reached some sort of agreement and the case has been dropped, reports TMZ.

DeWitt, whom Gill called "f-----g nuts" and "deranged" on the public forum,  sounds like she's over the whole situation completely.

"I'm very happy to put this dispute behind us and I'm confident that [Gill's] loyal fans will be thrilled with the final product," she said.

Gill took back his words on Twitter saying, "I'm elated to continue this journey that I've started with Ira and Notifi Records. Through conflict we found a resolution, and not to mention I've found my friend again."

As previously reported, Ira DeWitt, wife of St. Louis Cardinals owner Bill Dewitt and CEO of Johnny Gill's record label, sued the former New Edition singer for his harsh words on Twitter.

The controversy centered around the release of a leaked song that Gill claims was intentionally leaked by Mrs. DeWitt.

"I have every reason to believe ira from the record company put this song out might cry with unfinished vocal from me," Johnny tweeted. "That is not on my cd."

On August 13, two days after the lawsuit was filed, Johnny Gill made a statement about the lawsuit. Defending his comments he told a reporter that people shouldn't be responsible for what they say on Twitter. Otherwise, "the courtrooms would be full with a bunch of Twitter people complaining about things people say every day," he said. "It's freedom of speech."

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Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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