Busta Rhymes: Chris Brown Is a "Champ"

Busta Rhymes: Chris Brown Is a "Champ"

The rapper stands up for his boy.

Published August 28, 2011

Chris Brown has his share of haters, but he can count on at least one loyal friend to help fight them off: Busta Rhymes. The rapper thinks his trouble-prone friend has put his past behind him and could be facing the best years of his career.

"You know, for Chris especially, this is probably his first run where the obstacles aren't like they have been for him over the last couple of years, so he really got something to get off his chest," Busta Rhymes told MTV News on the red carpet of the BMI Urban Awards on Friday night in Los Angeles. "I think people have been seeing that with just his whole success run this year."

In spite of a few slip-ups this year, including an ill-fated appearance at Good Morning America, Brown has managed to snag a few headlines for his F.A.M.E. album and budding movie career. "He definitely bounced back like a G and a champ," said Bussa. "I'm saluting him and I'm proud of him."

Written by Smriti Mundhra


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