Rick Ross and Kreayshawn Camps Showdown at VMAs

Rick Ross and Kreayshawn Camps Showdown at VMAs

The two sides exchange heated words backstage.

Published August 29, 2011

As predicted, Kreayshawn and Rick Ross finally came face to face at the VMAs last night, after a couple of weeks in which the younger rapper has been caught dissing the Bawse on more than one occasion. Both artists gathered backstage at the MTV event in Los Angeles, and while Kreay and Ross stood far apart from one another, members of their respective entourages still managed to get into a heated conversation.

In a video posted by MTV, Kreayshawn is seen standing beside her manager, Stretch, as he gets into war of words with a Maybach Music Group member, who appears to be arguing on behalf of the Teflon Don saying repeatedly "You know what she did, you know what she did."

Kreayshawn, who happened to be mic'ed, addressed the unfolding drama to the camera directly. "No one likes Kreayshawn, but it's all cool. We have fun," she says. Rick Ross, for his part, just looked on from a distance.

An MTV stage manager standing in the middle of it all tried to get everyone to calm down, and later Stretch was asked to step aside by security.

"I'm hella irritated right now," Kreayshawn says into the microphone. "Where are they taking Stretch?"

On another dramatic note for the "Gucci, Gucci," rapper, hackers reportedly seized her Twitter account this morning and leaked nude photos of her online. Kreay claims the pics were taken when she was underage.

"They sent out wack ass tweets and promoted their odd message of anti-jew stuff and deleted my twitter. Oh and they leaked out private photos of me while I was underage," Kreayshawn said. The controversial rapper is having quite a start to her week.

"Real nice guys! Spreading child-prono thats cute. VMA’s was insane on top of that. Can I s**t man? I ain’t even mad," she said.

(Photos: Anthony Harvey/PictureGroup; Mark Davis/PictureGroup)

Written by Reggie Ugwu


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