Game Says Restaurant Booted Him Because He’s Black

Game Says Restaurant Booted Him Because He’s Black

The rapper claims race played a role in his ejection from a L.A. eatery.

Published September 6, 2011

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There was no fun and games at a popular Los Angeles restaurant for rapper Game. The Compton MC alleges he was kicked out off Hillstone’s in Santa Monica because of his race.


According to, sources close to the outspoken rap star claim that Game was not allowed to dine at the establishment because he was told by a manager he was not wearing proper attire. The white t-shirt clad rapper was told that he had to wear sleeves to enter the restaurant.


Game claims that at the time he was informed of the dress code he saw two white men wearing sleevelss shirts at the restaurant. Conviced that his snub was racially motivated Game took to Twitter to vent.


“Houston’s just went from my favorite restaurant to the ‘RACIST-URANT’!!!!,” he tweeted. “Hillstone’s racist-urant formerly known as Houston’s & their slave-master manager Valerie has just made #1 on the RACIST restaurant list!”


Disputing Game’s story, a restaurant rep told TMZ that the only person wearing short sleeves was a female patron. The sleeve rule does not apply to women.


The restaurant says they are willing to have Game back, when he’s properly attired.

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