Soulja Boy Issues Apology to U.S. Military

Soulja Boy Issues Apology to U.S. Military

SB says he didn't mean to disrespect the troops with offensive lyrics.

Published September 6, 2011

Soulja Boy has issued an apology to the U.S. military for his offensive lyrics in the song "Let's Be Real."

In his offbeat style Soulja raps "F*** the FBI and the army troops…fighting for what? Be your own man.…"

Upset at the lyrics, military personnel circulated an online petition to have the rapper's music banned from military bases. The petition read:

"Many Americans, civilians and military personnel have requested that you please discontinue any and all of Soulja Boy's memorabilia.… Military personnel have become greatly offended with the…song and removing said artist would ease a lot of the tension and violence that has been created."

In a post on Global Grind titled "I Am Deeply Sorry to All Members of the United States Military Services and Their Families," the rapper apologizes for and explains his offensive comments.


"As an artist, I let my words get the best of me. Sometimes there are things that we feel, things that we want to express, and when we put them on paper and speak them out loud, they can come out wrong.… When I expressed my frustration with the U.S. Army, not only did my words come out wrong, I was wrong to even speak them," said Soulja. "So, I write this to give my sincerest apology to all members of the United States military services, as well as their families that were offended by my most recent lyrics."

He goes on to explain his impressions on politics and war that led him to draw those controversial conclusions in the song. 


"As a young man who grew up in the post 9/11 era, I have watched our country fight two wars that seem like they are never going to end," said SB. "I have seen thousands and thousands of our brave men and women get killed in battle and often times, I think for what? A lot of people in this country are struggling to make ends meet and I think a lot about what if we had never gone to war."


The rapper expressed that he is frustrated that the American troops have yet to come home from war.


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Written by Brooklyne Gipson


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